Shamanic Healing and Counselling

Sometimes emotional pain can have a spiritual impact.

Shamanism is an ancient practice of direct spiritual experience that predates organised religions. The type I practice, Core Shamanism, is not connected to any specific culture or country. Although, here in Ireland, we did have our own brand of shamanism with our Druids in ancient times.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing works on a soul level. It can assist you find relief from your challenges and any woundedness you may experience. Each session is a blend of talking and energy work – Elaine goes on the shamanic journey and is assisted in her healing work by compassionate allies or guiding spirits. This type of healing can bring about profound improvements in your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Shamanic Healing can assist if you have suffered a traumatic experience at any stage in your life. Sometimes after treating with conventional therapies, you can still be suffering from ‘soul loss’. Loss of vitality, deflated energy, feeling disempowered, and a low appetite for life may often indicate soul loss.

Shamanic Healing can also assist if you are feeling stuck, facing a big decision, or are looking for some clarity in life.

A commitment to three sessions for Soul Loss is usual.

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Shamanic Counselling

Shamanic Counselling is an empowering method of personal transformation and problem solving. It differs from Shamanic Healing in that you learn to take the journey for yourself, guided and facilitated by Elaine. In each session, when you have finished your journey, Elaine will assist you to review and then integrate your experiences. This method will assist you to eventually connect with your own inner healer, guides, and helper spirits.

A minimum of at least three to four sessions is recommended as this method takes practice to master.

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Work with Me

When you make Life Path Transformations, you reveal your own unique path to empowerment and inner peace.

I’ll help you release deeply buried emotions and feelings and any patterns and beliefs you carry that do not serve you. I’ll assist you to reconnect with your power and your life force energy, so that you can begin to build the authentic life that feeds your soul and connects you to your divine feminine essence.

elaine clancy - sacred woman
elaine clancy - sacred woman
sacred woman - shamanic healing
elaine clancy - sacred woman