Reboot Your Base Chakra

Unlock the Wisdom held Deep in Your Body

“Listen” says your body, “I have important things to tell you.”

If you enjoyed the free Base Chakra Gift-Pack, you may now be called to journey deeper into the secret wisdom your body holds. Joining me on the 10-day online course I’m facilitating, starting Tuesday 9th November – Thursday 18th November 2021

The intention of this course is to help you significantly improve your life. On registration, you will receive your welcome e-book, so you can get started straight away.

Then, over an intensive but flexible 10 days (allow roughly half-an-hour per day), I will be facilitating you through some powerful practices and techniques to help you listen to your body and truly attend to its deep wisdom.

This course includes another e-book packed with even more helpful info, tips and exercises, ways to ground, ways to work with your shamanic animal guide, chanting, dancing, and lots more …

And there are seven beautiful, guided meditations, all set to the most incredible music.

You will be invited into a private Facebook Group where we will be sharing our experiences as we work through the course together, feeling more and more alive as we tap into the deep wisdom we hold in our bodies.

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Work with Me

Your unique path to empowerment and inner peace.

I’ll help you release deeply buried emotions and feelings and any patterns and beliefs you carry that do not serve you. I’ll assist you to reconnect with your power and life force energy, so that you can begin to build the authentic life that feeds your soul and uncover your divine feminine essence.

elaine clancy - sacred woman
elaine clancy - sacred woman
sacred woman - shamanic healing
elaine clancy - sacred woman

What people are saying

A strong but gentle and safe space was held today for personal expression and healing, and the opportunity given to share this within a group. I found today, my first time with Chakradance, to be really valuable experience

Lizzie Stewart