Be Free with Life Path Transformations

300.00 6 hours

  • Finally release the deep buried pain that’s been keeping you stuck.
  • Learn a strategy to move out of your head, into your body, to manage your feelings.
  • Develop confidence to trust being in your body and enjoy the peace it brings you.
  • Prove to yourself that you can move out of your head, connect with your body and release what is holding you back.


Here’s what it will look like when we work together

Before we meet

Exploration is your first step to releasing deeply held pain. It’ll help you identify, and begin to gently evaluate, whatever’s keeping you stuck.

Before we meet, I’ll send you a short questionnaire to assist you to uncover where you are right now and indicate your best starting point for your journey.

Your first session

During this 2-3 hour transformational session I’ll help you to understand how your deep, buried pain keeps you stuck in your head.

I’ll facilitate the release of your pain in a gentle and safe way. You’ll be in control at all times. I’ll make sure you’re comfortable and prepared without any big fuss, so you can release your pain. After your release, we’ll check that the pain is really gone.

Your second session

One to two weeks later, we’ll get together again for a 2-hour one-to-one online session to review the positive changes you’ve experienced since our previous session. I’ll show you how to achieve a positive state that will help you strengthen your trust in your body and enjoy the peace it brings you. I’ll teach you how to move out of your head and into your body with an exercise that you can do anywhere. I’ll send you a short, guided meditation that’ll help you to practice what you learned – to help you lock it all in.

You’ll feel light and energised after this session, more aligned and ready to create the life you deserve.

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