Be the Empress of Your Life

Are you ready to take your healing to the next level? If you want to have genuine mastery over your life and embrace the divine Goddess/Empress energy that is your true nature, then this programme is the path for you. Deciding to dedicate 6 months to your healing may be the greatest act of self love and compassion you can give yourself. Weekly or bi-weekly one-to-one sessions with Elaine can be online or in person. They will be tailored for your personalised and bespoke transformation.

Integration is the key to lasting change.

Giving yourself 6 months to make and integrate the transformations on your life path will guarantee you a higher level of success. Moving through your life path over this time, you will release old pain, changing old beliefs and learn new ways to step into your authentic self. Having support over these 6 months will help you to anchor your transformation so that it beomes your new way of being in the world. Elaine can assit and teach you as you build the life you deserve.

By the end of your 6-month programme, you can be truly empowered, understand and be free from what’s keeping you stuck, be deeply connected to your inner power and beauty, learn to use powerful tools to help you be your own healer. You can gain more energy and zest for life – to build the authentic life you’ve always yearned for. Your journey begins here. Call me to discuss the best schedule that suits you.