I Believe …

That all women are divine beings with abundant power and magic at their command. When they release the blocks that keep them from seeing themselves in this way, they bring great goodness and creative energy into the world.

By having the courage to go deep into their body and gently hold their pain, as they would a new-born baby, women can transmute pain to uncover their great magic and strength.

Women will heal themselves, and in turn the planet, when they live from their authentic power centre in their body – their womb.

The wisdom of the Earth is contained in the body of each woman. By clearing herself of lower vibrational energies like her pain and disempowering beliefs, a woman can reveal her powerful creative energy to herself first, then shine it on situations to bring peace and beauty to the world,

Courage is needed to take the first steps to wholeness. The deep inner yearning for peace, calm and acceptance can be a powerful force that assists women be who they truly are and to take the first steps.

Knowledge of our pain is only helpful if we also have the tools to engage with it and then listen to what we have to learn from it before we transmute it.

When we begin to value ourselves, it transforms our world. When we are able to accept ourselves in all our imperfections and flaws with unconditional love and compassion, we can begin to access our inner powers that will assist us in changing our lives for the better.

Gaining an understanding of the relationship between our story so far and our ability to rewrite it for ourselves is a powerful, alchemical process.

It is only after we acknowledge that we are ungrounded in our body, and may be spiritually bypassing, that we can become whole. Our ability to be grounded is our most powerful ally in our path to becoming.

Beliefs are a powerful indicator of our wellness. When we are holding negative beliefs about ourselves or a situation, we are disempowered. Only when we address them can we be free.

Brutally honesty is a primary requirement for this type of work. It takes courage to take personal responsibility in all our relationships and situations. The women who are ready to evolve into their Empress selves’ value truth and understand that strength and humility are alchemical catalysts for transformation.

I know how important it is for you to free yourself from overthinking, manage your feelings with ease, connect to your body and believe that you deserve to trust yourself, and I can help.

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When you make Life Path Transformations, you reveal your own unique path to empowerment and inner peace.

I’ll help you release deeply buried emotions and feelings and any patterns and beliefs you carry that do not serve you. I’ll assist you to reconnect with your power and your life force energy, so that you can begin to build the authentic life that feeds your soul and connects you to your divine feminine essence.

elaine clancy - sacred woman
elaine clancy - sacred woman
sacred woman - shamanic healing
elaine clancy - sacred woman

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