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When moving your awareness down into your body is challenging and sitting still to meditate only creates more overthinking, Chakradance can help you to move inwards by moving your body. On one level, it can be experienced as a joyful affirmation of who you truly are. At a deeper level, it is also about healing and balance.

In a Chakradance workshop, Elaine creates, and continues to hold, sacred space for participants to safely relax and move into their inner worlds.

In a darkened room, lit only by candle-light, you move to specially composed music that’s created to resonate with the vibrations of each of your major energy centres.  There are no steps to learn, you use your own spontaneous movement. Dancing with your eyes closed and your attention focussed inwards, Chakradance is about making a connection with your inner world – the world of your imagination, feelings, intuition, and senses.

It can be like a waking dream – you dance up forgotten parts of yourself and can release memories stored in your muscles. The experiences are deeply personal and reflect your own nature and history, and at the same time tap into the collective heights and depths of human experience.

Drawing on the wisdom of Jungian Psychology, Chakradance is a practice for healing and self-discovery.  Each time you dance, you may have different insights and feelings. Using the creation of your personal ‘mandala art’ is a way of anchoring your experiences back into your conscious world.

Beautiful and evocative music is at the heart of Chakradance. Each energy centre has its own unique body of evocative music, soundscapes and tones that resonate to their specific vibrational frequencies.

When you surrender to the music of each chakra, you dance from the inside out and find yourself awakening and healing ancient hurts, opening up to put yourself in touch with the sacred within you – helping you reconnect with your soul, unique and beautiful.

Dancing the seven chakras is like taking a journey into different worlds, different aspects of yourself, each with their own lessons, meanings, and stories. As a practice, it helps you to feel more balanced, more joyful, and connected.

Elaine facilitates Chakradance workshops for small groups. Regular weekly and monthly workshops are usually held in Tralee. Elaine also travels to facilitate Chakradance workshops at wellness Festivals or for particular groups of friends/families or in schools. Individual one-to-one Chakradance workshops are also available by appointment.

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What people are saying

“Elaine has a beautiful and powerful way of really hearing you on a very deep soul level. Her wise and soulful manner feels like a Mother’s love guiding you on a journey. I found her to be patient and understanding when I felt unsure how to put language to deeply buried painful memories. Her work is very serious & profound, yet she delivers it in a light-hearted, joyful way which brings the feeling of optimism, even while delving into sometimes scary terrain. I have had the blessing to be exposed to many amazing healers on my travels world-wide, but Elaine Clancy’s style and knowledge has had the most profound effect on transforming issues that were still creating dis-harmony in my heart and mind. I found the sessions very gentle and healing, while at the same very focused and specific, I loved how it targeted the difficult feelings and changed old repetitive patterns of thinking/feeling. It felt like the pain was shifted into something beautiful and symbolic through a unique meditation specifically created for me. I felt protected, understood, and mostly motivated to return to my beautiful meditation to step into joy and lightness when the habit of reliving old feelings and patterns tried to steal my peace of mind.”
Michele Roche

“A strong but gentle and safe space was held today for personal expression and healing, and the opportunity given to share this within a group. I found today, my first time with Chakradance, to be really valuable experience.”
Lizzie Stewart

“Elaine provided a platform that felt warm and gentle but real and safe at the same time. This gave me the freedom of expression that I needed to overcome my issues. Her kindness and humane approach are so welcoming that I instantly felt safe with her. Her wonderful smile and open approach made me feel like I was talking to my oldest and dearest friend. At the same time her professionalism shone through in her expert guidance, endless knowledge, and wisdom as she set the signposts down along the path for me to interpret. She helped me to acknowledge the power within myself to heal and release the pain I was experiencing. I feel that anyone who engages with Elaine will not only benefit from the experience but will also achieve that peace within themselves that she so expertly helps them to find for themselves. The aftercare plan she provided showed me that, not only had I achieved wellness within myself, but that I can continue to maintain this into the future.”
Eileen Moriarty