Spirals – Am I just going around in circles? I remember the first time I walked a labyrinth; it was at Cloona Health Retreat in County Mayo in the West of Ireland. I had no idea what a labyrinth was, someone told me it would be like a walking meditation. So, off I went on an adventure to discover what would happen to me. I’d never seen a labyrinth before and had no ‘map’ in my head of what one looked like. All I knew about this particular one was that it was built by a group of Tibetan

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What I Believe

What I Believe… Have you ever given serious thought to what you believe about something, about anything? Now, I’m not talking about idle musings or day dreaming here, I’m talking about a deep and considered examination of what you think and feel about something. Recently, I’ve done just that: While I was preparing to put the content of my website together, I engaged in a structured exercise to reveal to myself what it was that really mattered to me. There were a few individual steps I had to work through, and at the time I couldn’t see the relevance

My journey with the Irish Hare

My journey with the Irish Hare... Growing up in Ireland, my first interaction with a Hare was on the threepenny coin, a fortune for a young girl going to the local shop. I remember taking a rubbing of the coin with a crayon and some paper so that I could have a picture to keep, as the money itself would never stay long in my pocket! As a child, I loved the roundness and cuteness of the image. I remember saying to my dad how I liked the rabbit on the coin and him telling me that it was

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