About Elaine


About Elaine


You’re a compassionate woman who wants to heal your pain and have balance in your life.

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed with life, stuck in your head, and disconnected from your body – avoiding feelings that are stuffed deep inside. You’re afraid that all these emotions and feelings will burst out all at once if you try to deal with any one of them.

You realise that you cannot begin to know what you truly want from life until you are free from this. Carrying all of this pain around is exhausting. You sometimes have negative beliefs about yourself – that you’re unworthy in some way, and self-love and self-acceptance are things only other people can achieve. You’re longing to be free, to have peace so that you can begin to live the life you dream of.

Elaine’s Story

I’m an Irishwoman, a mother of four who found that life became difficult because deeply buried pain was threatening to overwhelm me – it impacted all aspects of my life. I was stuck in my head, mind racing, afraid to go down into my body because then I’d have to experience pain and… I was afraid of feeling pain!

Ironically, I was in a lot of pain; because I didn’t want to go down into my body and engage with my feelings, my emotions.

It was only after the process of giving birth, that I began to wake up to the patterns that were held deep inside me. My life became so difficult that I decided to look for help. I read every self-help book I could find – they helped me to understand something about my pain. Counselling helped me talk and think about my feelings, but I was still terrified to engage with them. I was stuck, afraid to move my awareness down into my body as I was being asked to do. I realised that this was something that Elaine Clancy would have to do if she wanted to change.

The Transformation

The transformation came from an usual place when I found myself in a Sweat Lodge ceremony in the mountains near where I lived.

“It was so physically challenging – I felt I was in a struggle for survival. During the ceremony my inner child showed herself to me: How broken and fearful she was. She’d been hiding and waiting for this opportunity and in the darkness of the Lodge, she found her voice.”

After that, nothing could be the same again for me. I couldn’t ignore her. My life became a quest to heal her, to heal myself. I became brave, going into the darkness of myself to reveal pain – some I didn’t realise even existed there – and bring it to the light.

However, for many years I was down in a dark cave, searching for light. Then, during a healing workshop, I realised that I have the light within me! From that day, I began to believe on all levels of my being that I have the power, the ability and the resources to heal myself.

I realised that everyone already has this ability, and all the resources they need to heal themselves. However, the pathway may be different for each person and is not always obvious. Sometimes we need assistance to access it.

My Path

On my path, I trained as a QTT Transformational life coach and learned to release emotional pain that was stuck inside me, and I facilitate that for others now. I trained as a Chakradance™ Facilitator – a beautiful, healing, movement practice – and for someone who has lived in her head for so long, this has been so beneficial as it helps me to be at ease in my body. I trained as a Sound Therapy Practitioner too because, as a Science graduate, I understand how our whole physical world is actually energy, vibrating at different frequencies. I really appreciate the power of sound, the voice and vibration to heal, to rebalance, and realign.

Core Shamanism – the essence of many world shamanic practices without any cultural appropriation – spoke to me on many levels. When I found it, it was as if I had come home. I could see, on a deep level, how all my different experiences and training could come together to assist others find their own path to self-healing. Shamanism is the path of the wounded healer. I’m a Shamanic Practitioner, Shamanic Counsellor and Transpersonal Therapist.

I also practice in Chakradance.

In recent years, I’ve been called to deep dive into Women’s Mysteries. I apprenticed with Amantha Murphy in The Way of the Seabhean™. The Seabhean (pronounced sha-van) is the Irish female shaman, healer and seer, the woman who walks between the worlds. I have taken my experience of Core Shamanism and placed it in my own context as an Irish woman, a Seabhean.


Today, I have a humble perspective: Deep empathy and respect for those who are struggling to find their own path.

“I have a desire to serve – because I know how difficult it is to live in pain. I now offer my assistance to empower women to find their own path to their own freedom, peace, and sense of Self. I use tools that help them find their way to a place of ease with themselves: Being at ease with life and able to embrace their power.”

Living with the past can feel like hauling a heavy bag of stones on your back through life. It’s debilitating and exhausting: Anxious about the future, your gut twisted, your muscles tense, always waiting for the next bad thing to happen – this consumes so much of your life-force energy! Being at ease is when you flourish, thrive, raise your vibration, feel more alive and cherish the moments of your life.

I love connecting with the energy of Mother Earth, with all of Nature. I’m truly grateful to be a mother and have loved nurturing and rearing my children. Now, I can call on that nurturing power to nurture myself and nurture the broken and the painful parts of myself: the parts of myself that are angry, feeling shame, guilty for not being perfect… I’m happy to acknowledge that I’m not perfect, all good, all light. I am light and shadow and I have learned to embrace both. It is when I embrace both that I may become whole.

Find Your Path

I’ve used many individual tools to help me find my own peace and now I have sculpted them into my service offerings to help others. Having worked for many years seeing people in person, I am now bringing my offerings online.

If they resonate with you, and you would like to work with me, I would be honoured to assist you.

Warm Blessings,



Work with Me

When you make Life Path Transformations, you reveal your own unique path to empowerment and inner peace.

I’ll help you release deeply buried emotions and feelings and any patterns and beliefs you carry that do not serve you. I’ll assist you to reconnect with your power and your life force energy, so that you can begin to build the authentic life that feeds your soul and connects you to your divine feminine essence.

elaine clancy - sacred woman
elaine clancy - sacred woman
sacred woman - shamanic healing
elaine clancy - sacred woman