Your unique path to Peace, Power and Freedom


Your unique path to

power, peace and freedom


Sacred Woman

Welcome to Sacred Woman, located beside the beautiful Bay of Tralee.

Sacred Woman specialises in Coaching and Shamanic Healing, to help you connect with your inner Empress & Spiritual Warrior.

I’m a Shamanic Coach and Transpersonal Therapist for women suffering from deeply buried pain and a racing mind. I assist women who are afraid to confront the emotional root of their issues. I help them heal and transform in a safe and gentle way so that they can manage their emotions, find freedom from mental chatter, and live an empowered, healthy, and balanced life.

Work with Me

Your unique path to empowerment and inner peace.

I’ll help you release deeply buried emotions and feelings and any patterns and beliefs you carry that do not serve you. I’ll assist you to reconnect with your power and life force energy, so that you can begin to build the authentic life that feeds your soul and uncover your divine feminine essence.

elaine clancy - sacred woman
elaine clancy - sacred woman
sacred woman - shamanic healing
elaine clancy - sacred woman

What people are saying

A strong but gentle and safe space was held today for personal expression and healing, and the opportunity given to share this within a group. I found today, my first time with Chakradance, to be really valuable experience

Lizzie Stewart

I was dealing with  issues from my past that I had difficulty coming to terms with. After working with Elaine, I gained clarity, peace of mind, and increased self esteem. I now have confidence and hope that the best has yet to happen in life. I’m learning to live in the now and embrace each new day with joy and gratitude. I would recommend Elaine because she provides a meditative and  non-invasive form of therapy. Elaine is immensely knowledgeable in this area and very kind, gentle and understanding to work with. I felt really safe working with her.

I have enjoyed our sessions, I will definitely be returning to Elaine for further work in the area of letting go of the past and gaining perspective. The service is well tailored and good value for what is to be gained – you cannot put a price on emotional and physical wellbeing!

Isabella Hickey